Liminal Spaces.

They are architectural representations of the "culture"'s decision to move away from beautiful architecture to fuctional architecture.

There are creepy specifically because the reveal to us the meaninglessness with which our modern world has been designed.

Office spaces with no humans look terrifying.Image Description

Grocery stores with no humans look terrifying.Image Description

streets with no humans look terrifying.Image Description

But nature with no humans looks beautiful.Image Description

The architecure of the past is beautiful.Image Description

With this shoot I wanted to show you a typical member of the community during a typical day.

What they're room looks like.Image Description

On commute.Image Description


The chaos of the "outside" world.Image DescriptionImage Description

And the juxtaposition with the inner peace.Image DescriptionImage Description

Ultimately, we are alone.Image Description

But,we never were not alone. And that fact should stop us from enjoying the connection we feel with community.

COMA to me is a trojan horse.

An idea disguised as a streetwear brand.

A product whose intetion is to expose the youth to meaningful ideas rather than promoting the nonsense that keeps the everyone distracted.

We live in the age of hyperreality.

To communicate with someone its important to speak their langauge.

The youth speak in terms of signs and symbols representative of the spectacle.

It's not regressive to use the system this way its intelligent.

"Nothing matters, but that's okay." is what you should say when someone asks you about your hoodie.

"Nothing matters but i'm gonna live my life to the fullest."